Linkoptik Instruments specializes in particle characterization and development of particle analyzer. The Linkoptik team is composed of elites who have gained experience in particuology and powder technology. Their achievements cover fundamental research in particle characterization, applications development, production, technical support and commercial operations.
    Linkoptik technical team has more than 20 years’ experience in particle characterization, application and development. They developed the first commercial laser particle size analyzer in China. The LT3600 and LT2200 series is a new generation of ultrahigh speed intelligent laser particle size analyzer based on many years of scientific research and integration of a number of patented technologies. It has become a milestone in the particle size analyzer market. The LT3600 and LT2200 series is widely used for particle characterization in abrasives, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, battery materials, geology and hydrology etc. Nanolink S900 is a new generation of high-speed nano-particle size analysis system based on dynamic light scattering principle. It is widely used in organic and inorganic particles, emulsions, polymers, surfactants, micelles, virus antibodies, proteins and other samples’ particle characterization. Years of scientific research and laser diffraction technology innovations have laid the foundation for the measurement and analysis of particle size of high-speed spray. Spray particles’ high speed movement, wide range of particle size and irregular fog field, Spray particle size analysis system requires high adaptability and high-speed diffraction signal processing capabilities due to spray particles’ high speed movement, wide range of particle size and irregular fog field. To meet these challenges, Spraylink's ultrahigh speed real-time spray particle sizer is designed to accurately analyze spray particle size.

    From nano to micron, from solid particles to emulsions, sprays, Linkoptik is committed to providing customers with the most professional and comprehensive particle characterization and application solutions。



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